So the Journey does begin! (Thank you WordPress)

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As this blog is launched, I wanted to give a brief background about myself and my experiences with technology in business and also as a consumer. Before that, a passing thought:

I can’t imagine what we, and especially our younger generations, are going to be experiencing with technology over the next 5 years, let alone the next 10 years. We are moving along at a geometric pace, as current technologies create new technologies. It’s a wonderful and exciting time, but we also need to be responsible in how we use it. There are always those that want to use these fascinating improvements for the wrong reasons. Hats off to our dedicated law enforcement, military and computing professionals that are staying on top of the security aspects. We will be touching on their focus areas additionally throughout the coming months. We all need to be aware and discerning in our use of these tools.

I started off with my career as a Marine Biologist for 9 years (starting in 1977-Dinosaur alert!), being blessed to be able to work at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, San Diego, CA, working with the original onsite aquarium there and moving on to the Physiological Research Lab, working on the Sea Otter Program. Next was my involvement as a Bio-Technician at the National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA) in San Diego, aboard tuna seiners in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean (trips ranged from 60-106 days at sea). Ah, the liquid desert! And lastly on the marine biologist front, I worked with Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute in San Diego on Alaska Field Study trips (Alaska Marine Mammal Aerial Transect Studies), covering all of the Alaska coastline from the Aleutian Island chain, the entire West coast past Nome, the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea and the North Slope/Arctic Circle/Beaufort Sea from Prudhoe Bay to the whaling village of Kaktovik near the Canadian border. We used many forms of technology for observations, data extraction, research, etc. Even back then, technologies were moving along at a brisk clip. The next phase was a principal at a manufacturer’s sales organization for 11 years. As many of you know, running your own business can be quite exhilarating! No safety nets, you gotta make it happen if you want it bad enough. I gained a lot of valuable experience in running an organization and management of personnel.

Technology was always of high interest, and over the following 18 years, I was very fortunate to be working alongside some of the brightest and most talented leaders in the software and engineering technology arenas. Some eye-popping advances were seen in the scientific/engineering field at major aerospace, military, medical device, and consumer/industrial market corporations (while at Syncroness). Seeing that firsthand was a great experience. Finally, associations with some of the finest software corporations brought out another level of interest, focus and experience with technology. From CRMnow (Mortgage software) to Technomedia-Hodes iQ (HR software) to Oracle (HCM/HR software) to Redwood Software (Robotic Process Automation software). An incredible Team/Family of people at Redwood, from top-notch senior and mid-management leadership,  technology development, Account Executives, through their Business Development Team (dedicated and focused). RPA software is a huge area of focus for major corporations today, if they want to remain competitive. Then it was time to move back to San Diego after 30 years!

So the next venture is I will be posting multiple posts daily, with technology topics covering business (software, engineering, medical/healthcare, aerospace/military, industrial, cybersecurity, employment, financial, retail, management, consulting, sales/marketing, CRM, automotive, trade shows, tourism and many more) and consumer [electronics, travel, consumer protection, e-commerce, apps, trade shows, automotive, banking, insurance, security issues (phone fraud, phishing, etc.), employment, health, and more].

Periodic commentaries from well known and up-and-coming techies will be added to the blog as well (tools for business and consumers, state of technology, etc.). I will be adding periodic personal commentaries, especially on key changes/shifts in technology focus (local to international impact). Updates on personal visits to local/national technology venues (CES, RSA, AWE, Strata Data Conference, AWS re:Invent, SXSW, Dell Technologies/World, Cisco Live, DreamForce, and more) with pictures added.

We look forward to your visiting the site and your comments/input over the coming weeks. Feedback is appreciated and encouraged. Contact anytime and I will return in kind ASAP. The focus is to present viable and actionable information that can be of use to you. Thank you.