Submission of Windows 9: Next September 30

Replacement of Windows 8.1, Windows 9 will make its first official appearance on 30 September in a special event to be held in San Francisco. So give notice on The Verge where they mentioned sending invitations to various media with the picture accompanying this article, an ad more than clear on the approach to take…

windows 9

Videos show details of what will be Windows 9: Multiple Desktops and new home button

Desktop different work to group different applications, which many users constantly use other operating systems, but Windows did not want to implement so far.

It seems that Windows 9 will be different, or so this video shows where we can see some details of its operation. There will be an icon on the bottom that, when pressed, can open the desktop, create new, delete the ones you do not want. always with the objective of gathering open programs facilitating their management.

microsoft buy minecraft

Microsoft buy Minecraft

Yes, it seems that Minecraft will be a project over Microsoft (one huge, when you consider we’re on the third best-selling game in history). So far nothing but a rumor, although in this case comes from The Wall Street Journal , a medium not known precisely by false rumors. 2 billion dollars would be the…


Microsoft launches Office Delve search tool for Office 365

Designed to get the right information at the right time, Microsoft just released Office Delve business accounts for Office 365, a new intelligent search engine, supported by the Office Graph technology that the company launched in March, offering the most relevant information and personalized for each user based on an elegant interface cards.With this, each…