windows 9

Videos show details of what will be Windows 9: Multiple Desktops and new home button

Desktop different work to group different applications, which many users constantly use other operating systems, but Windows did not want to implement so far.

It seems that Windows 9 will be different, or so this video shows where we can see some details of its operation. There will be an icon on the bottom that, when pressed, can open the desktop, create new, delete the ones you do not want. always with the objective of gathering open programs facilitating their management.

google Removal Tool

Google Tool to remove malware from your computer

From Google forums indicate a tool in beta stage and only for Windows, can help remove suspicious programs that affect our daily browsing using Chrome. This is Software Removal Tool (Software Removal Tool), available at free for that, when executed, known programs seek to cause problems in Chrome and requested permission to remove them. Whenever…