KitKat and occupies 14% of Android devices

Android KitKatKitKat entering with all  Android platform,  popularity and prevalence of Jelly Bean remains indisputable, however, in  short period of life that has had the most recent version of  Google operating system, has increased its share segment already occupying 13.6% of  base total mobile devices with this software. Just yesterday we took account of  release of Android KitKat 4.4.3 and now we find the beginning of  distribution process, slowly and gradually to other models and terminals, a situation that places him in  feasible path to become as popular as system his predecessor.

Era of KitKat

 Android Kit-Kat 4.4.3

According to reports from  guys at Android Developers , KitKat and today occupies 14.6% of all Android devices, while Jelly Bean, among three different revisions, owns about 58.4% of  total market on this platform.  reality is that in analyzing  numbers we have a meteoric rise of this new version in a few months and has managed to move Ice Cream Sandwich and Froyo. Just take as a benchmark numbers for  month of May, where KitKat was only 8.5% of  whole, considerably increasing  amount in just one month.

After  liberation of  factory Android KitKat 4.4.3 image  is expected that these figures are even higher for  next 30 days, among the best in this new version is  correction of  excessive battery consumption on some devices , a new GUI for  phone dialer , an update to  MMS section, as well as process improvements focus rear camera, and solution to problems of low quality of video and audio on some terminals. There on  horizon any rumor about a radical renovation jump on this operating system, so it looks like we KitKat to stay.