Fleksy is the first Third-Party keyboard of iOS 8

Flexy For iOS 8

This week held an exciting WWDC 2014 full of new features, among them as we all expected was  debut of iOS in August ,  new major upgrade of  mobile operating system from Apple , full of new features among which highlighted  fact that some a little platform is opening more possibilities, even eliminating some barriers imposed on users and developers.

Among them we saw how Apple finally announced that keyboards would support third-party developers to replace the iOS itself, if you want the user. Today, Fleksy (already known to users of Android) arrives as the first “foreign” land on iOS keyboard  and many come.

Of course, to prove once and is subject to two conditions: first, to have  first beta testing iOS 8 which is limited to developers, and  second request access to  beta of Fleksy through its official website . If both are true, you can begin testing  first keyboard to reach third iOS 8 which obviously has a system of intelligent word prediction .

Of course, many more are to come, and I’m sure all  iPhone users that sometime an Android counted or tested will be expecting  debut of Swiftkey , one of the best keyboards for touch screens there (which I hope is ). But meanwhile, excited to see how both independent developers and professionals from right now are encouraged to create their own applications for iPhone keyboard.