Android 4.4.3 comes to Nexus 4 and Nexus 10


After the official release of Android 4.4.3 just needed to begin to be distributed. And it seems that the time is coming. In recent times we have seen how many terminals were restated, whether Nexus, Motorola or Google Play Edition latter, remember, maintained by the brands.

As the Nexus range is wide, the updates do not have to reach all at once, and so a little late shift has come to Nexus and Nexus April 10, which interestingly were launched in parallel with 4.2.

From Android Police provide links to the manual installation process for the forward, but Android 4.4.3 OTA should not take to reach your devices. We leave you with the links to the manual process. Here for Nexus 10 and here for the Nexus 4. Both files occupy 77.8 MB.

We like to see how Google is serious about all their devices, although not the last on the market. In whose hand is the infecting other brands how to function when upgrading. And is that the Nexus has always been exemplary terminals, designed to set the stage and show the basics of how to be an Android terminal.

The update process can be fast and transparent manufacturers want to sell us the update process as complicated and tedious. And sometimes may be true, but only because of the decisions made ​​based on the layers of customization. The option we like best is chosen by Motorola, clean layer eigenfunctions Android inserting some really useful and differentiating.

We hope that the Mountain View company and work to continue so that these devices come to widely exceed 18 months support which unfortunately did not reach the Galaxy Nexus .