With the new Moto Stream, Motorola wants to own your holiday

moto stream stereo bluetooth

Motorola certainly has surprised in past two years launching some revolutionary and terminals as spectacular as Moto X and Moto G ( great hardware and design, lowest price ) to new Moto E under wing of its new parent company , Lenovo. However, this time we are surprised with a device that does not really expected from hand of this giant phones, Moto Stream , a device dedicated to streaming music .

Priced at just $ 50, Motorcycle Stream music wants to be perfect accessory for your mobile Moto Stream wants to be ideal accessory lovers of music who do home meetings to invite our friend and we want music selection more democratic, social, allowing you to also join some friends as “DJs” and put the songs you want, directly from their phones.

Up to 5 devices can be matched with Moto Stream via Bluetooth technology, which is soul of this gadget, which with its design reminiscent of an icosahedron, any music player or Bluetooth speaker is connected, to play songs that “send” via this Bluetooth. Even has a “Heist” mode to abruptly change song you sent another mobile.

Of course, this is not first device that performs a similar function, in fact, there are many more on market, so surprised at boldness of Motorola launch. Perhaps its greatest attraction is very low price of just $ 50 , you will definitely make an attractive accessory for music lovers. A big difference compared to when Google launched Nexus Q for $ 300, which no one took into account market … no.

Moto Stream may already booked from official website of Motorola will begin to be sold on 6 June, starting in United States. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even computers.