More details of iOS 8: application shortcuts on lock screen

iOS 8 Desktop access

Slowly and stir once passes initial presentation of WWDC 2014 , we are discovering new characteristics of betas published by Apple iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite . In this case focusing on first, a glimpse of new APIs for developers focused on geolocation. Some users have reported that iOS 8 installed and if we get close to an Apple Store or Starbucks store in the lock screen shortcut will appear on their applications. More shortcuts on the lock screen, by geographical location Sin doubt very interesting to businesses that have application in the App Store, encouraging the user to use without having to unlock the terminal option.

As with all first betas of a new operating system, we find many more features displayed by Apple. We have already spoken of those most curious as GIF’s but there are many more, such as new shortcuts on lock screen . But these are not limited to official Apple stores or large companies, some users have reported that at train stations and airports has also activated shortcuts on lock screen for information on their transport.

A very useful option, which would hide in any case quick access to camera as we remember that, we can access it without unlocking terminal. At the moment there is much more information on services supported by this feature of iOS 8 although the release notes indicate that it is a recommendation system applications by location physical user. We will have to wait until new betas to learn more about the shortcuts in iOS.