3 Resources for Learning Swift, the new Apple programming language

Swift Apple Language

One of the news that has generated more noise than all presented yesterday at the launch of Apple refers to Swift, the new programming language that aims to replace Objective-C when developing applications for iOS and Mac

Although this new language is easier to learn, more modern and more resources, faster and effective, many programmers have complained on Twitter. After learning Objective-C to create applications, will have to invest many hours to become familiar with new Swift.

Apple already has Swift officially in developer.apple.com/swift , with some useful links. To facilitate the way they have started appearing resources, which we leave threefold:

– learnswift.com : Currently only asking for the email to be notified of the launch. Intended to be a portal in which examples are shown, as well as videos explaining how to perform various functions with Swift.

– Apple Official Guide : A complete tour of Swift in a set of web pages published by Apple.

– Free Book on iTunes : The official book can be downloaded from itunes.apple.com 500 pages in English to learn the secrets of this new language which, remember, can coexist without problems along with Objective-C, so it is not a radical change but a first step for future replacement.